The Giants need Victor Cruz. That’s because he’s fast, and he’s elusive, and he’s shifty and stuff. Also, he’s fast.

And it turns out Cruz needs the Giants too. Or rather, he needs New York, and he needs Jay-Z.

Cruz, as you’re so very well aware by now, is a restricted free agent who’s been given a first-round tender, meaning if another team is willing to sacrifice a first rounder in two weeks they can have a shiny new receiver. But Cruz staying in New York has always been likely, and now it’s getting increasingly more likely (why, please see below).

Any team interested in signing Cruz to an offer sheet — just like the Patriots did with Emmanuel Sanders — has to do so by April 19. But it seems that even if that happens, any contract offered by a competitor will only serve to jack up the price paid by the Giants, because Cruz isn’t leaving.

Cruz recently switched his representation to align with HOV, and his new agency (Creative Artists Agency). Oddly, being part of a rap mogul kingdom and in the company a dude who brushes his teeth with bills is pretty profitable. And it’s especially lucrative when you combine that with New York, a rather large city with many opportunities to sell yourself.

Thus we’ve arrived at the brand new reason why Cruz reportedly has little desire to play his football elsewhere. Tell us, Jason Cole:

Cruz, according to two sources, wants to take advantage of the business and marketing opportunities he envisions with Roc Nation, the marketing company Jay-Z (whose real name is Shawn Carter) founded.

“[Cruz] told his agents not to sign him with another team because he wants to work with Jay-Z,” a source said. “There might have been a couple of teams interested, but he didn’t want to go anywhere.”

Man, Jay-Z is such a baller. First he robbed adolescent boys everywhere of their Beyonce fantasies, and now he’s doing the same to the Cruz infatuations of much older, suited men who have to be told that Jay-Z isn’t, in fact, his real name.

Roc Nation for life.