Dion Jordan to the Chiefs?


In so very many posts over the past month, I’ve included a disclaimer. It usually says something like this: I DON’T KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE OR NOT AND IT COULD BE BUT WHATEVER SO HERE IT IS OK BYE.

That’s just paraphrasing, but you get the general idea. For many reasons teams can fake interest in a certain player leading up to the draft, and they display said fake interest through the media and leaked reports, or by having prospects whom they care little about in for visits. It’s a time-honored strategy which results in a white out of white noise throughout the month of April, and especially now as we approach the final week before the draft.

So with that unnecessarily lengthy preamble done, please be aware that the Chiefs could select Dion Jordan with their first overall pick.

Luke Joeckel has been the most commonly connected name to the Chiefs, because providing protection for Alex Smith is a primary motivation for a team that addressed many defensive needs during free agency. But one area on that side of the ball which remains in need is the part about getting to the opposing quarterback. This is where Jordan could maybe, probably be a thing soon.

Enter Jeff Risdon, a Detroit Lions draft insider who’s going about the business of mocking the draft, as so many are. He talks to people, and his people are saying a lot about the Chiefs and Jordan:

I talked to a source who confirmed to me the chatter that the Chiefs are “leaning” towards Jordan as the #1 overall pick. He told me “there are strong voices in the room” that want Jordan and the versatile impact he brings. Smokescreen? Maybe, but I doubt that. “Leaning” doesn’t mean “decided” however, and they have a lot of time left to mull the decision.

Risdon is rightfully cautious, because as appealing as Jordan may be with his athleticism and speed off the edge, passing on the opportunity to potentially solidify the left tackle spot with Joeckel for the next decade is a difficult and likely unwise decision. But in fairness, if Joeckel — or more broadly, any of the top offensive linemen — aren’t the preferred option, then supporting Hali and addressing a weak pass rush makes a whole lot of sense.

The Chiefs recorded only 27 sacks this past season, which was good enough or just 29th. Of those 27, Hali and Justin Houston combined for 19. That’s some serious power off the edges, and a team with said power should thrive, much like the Broncos did with Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil. Instead, help from the ends up front lacked, and now that’s fallen even further with the departure of Glenn Dorsey.

Jordan was a hybrid front seven defender at Oregon, and he recorded 23.5 sacks over the past two years while being used both in coverage, and as a pass rusher. Although he’s likely most comfortable as an outside linebacker, that versatility shows an ability to adjust, and he could be used as a defensive end.