It’s difficult to write this in a way I haven’t already written about 19 times, so I’ll just go ahead and roll with some repetition: if the Jets have no intention of signing Darrelle Revis to a long-term deal (they don’t) and one that will pay him the $16 million annual salary he desires (they don’t), then he should be traded before the draft, and before the only team that’s interested (Bucs…MOAR BRACKETS) has an opportunity to fill their need with a younger and much cheaper option

And that will probably happen, at which point our universe will look elsewhere for its entertainment. Until then, there will be abrupt stops and starts in negotiations as reported by people with a lot of sources in a lot of places. You’re up next, Sal Paolantonio.

Sal Pal reports that currently, the Jets and general manager John Idzik are “pressing the pause button” on a Revis trade with the Bucs, which is little more than a stall for leverage. Right now as we sit 10 days shy of the draft, time is leverage. The Bucs are aware that with their 13th overall pick they can address their cornerback need by possibly drafting Xavier Rhodes, who’s widely viewed as the second best CB in this class. But Rhodes is no Revis, and Tampa may not want to be forced into that move.

They’re reportedly willing to give up a package of picks which includes this year’s first rounder, in addition to possibly third and sixth rounders. That’s a sweet haul for a cornerback who’s recovering from a torn ACL, through he says he’s “all good.”

The boldest prediction on the thinnest limb: a Revis trade will happen, but we’ll have to wait until next Wednesday at the earliest.