NFL sked

You may now go crazy.

After speculation that the NFL schedule could be released today or Wednesday, we finally have an official time and date for an event that will provide you with many official times and dates. Yes, NFL schedule release day is almost here, kids.

This is and always will be the most offseason event on the NFL calendar. We already know the majority of each team’s schedule, and where the games will be played. Time is the only missing element, with both the placement of the games on the calendar and on the clock (HOW MANY PRIMETIME GAMES WILL MY TEAM PLAY? AAAAHHHH) of significant concern.

For warm weather teams that play in divisions with chilly destinations (hi, Miami), there’s also the added factor of seasonal preference. New England and Buffalo are much more comforting and pleasant in September and October.

NFL Marketing dudes in posh offices would surely prefer to have the schedule announced in the middle of May, as that’s one of the two truly dead months of the offseason, and an infusion of life is so desperately needed during those dire times. But although it’s so very, very, incredibly minor, the sked plays a role in draft strategies. Say, are you facing a gauntlet of heavy bombing passing offenses late in the season during the stretch drive when secondary injuries could be a factor? A few more late-round cornerbacks for you then, hypothetical team.

Thursday night and Friday we’ll begin the insanity, and we’ll break down the fantasy implications of the schedule. Rob Pizzola, who surfaces here during the season to give you money making opportunities as you sit in your couch groove, will also pump out a few posts breaking down the early betting gems.