After the lockout, a rookie wage scale was implemented, eliminating those lucrative times when the first overall pick would be paid, oh, $50 million. That’s the guaranteed money given to Sam Bradford in 2010 when he was the last top pick under the old system, and overall his base salary tops out at $75 million.

Two years into the rookie wage scale, we’re learning how much it’s depriving young NFL players of basic life necessities. Scroll down only if you have a strong stomach.

A year ago, Andrew Luck was the first overall pick, and he later signed a contract with the Colts that will pay him a fully guaranteed $22.1 million over four years. That’s less than half of what Bradford will make on his first contract in guaranteed cash, and yesterday Matt Hasselbeck — the Colts’ new backup quarterback — showed us how much Luck has been damaged by that gap.

Brace for it. In two tweets, Hasselbeck introduced the world to the $10 cell phone that Luck still owns after he admitted to his humble means when he wasn’t yet an NFL quarterback, and he was still a student.

luck phone

Not sure, but he may have dropped it a few times…

luck phone damage

These are tough economic times, and they require even the seemingly most privileged one percent among us to make difficult decisions. Stay strong, Andrew.

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  1. This passes for sports journalism?

  2. i think Luck deserves Bradfords contract

    • Whether or not he deserves it is an irrelevant discussion. He can’t have it due to the rookie wage scale.

  3. This passes for sports journalism? are you kidding me who types that ?

    I love posts like this while im at work. Keep it up

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