After the lockout, a rookie wage scale was implemented, eliminating those lucrative times when the first overall pick would be paid, oh, $50 million. That’s the guaranteed money given to Sam Bradford in 2010 when he was the last top pick under the old system, and overall his base salary tops out at $75 million.

Two years into the rookie wage scale, we’re learning how much it’s depriving young NFL players of basic life necessities. Scroll down only if you have a strong stomach.

A year ago, Andrew Luck was the first overall pick, and he later signed a contract with the Colts that will pay him a fully guaranteed $22.1 million over four years. That’s less than half of what Bradford will make on his first contract in guaranteed cash, and yesterday Matt Hasselbeck — the Colts’ new backup quarterback — showed us how much Luck has been damaged by that gap.

Brace for it. In two tweets, Hasselbeck introduced the world to the $10 cell phone that Luck still owns after he admitted to his humble means when he wasn’t yet an NFL quarterback, and he was still a student.

luck phone

Not sure, but he may have dropped it a few times…

luck phone damage

These are tough economic times, and they require even the seemingly most privileged one percent among us to make difficult decisions. Stay strong, Andrew.