And so it has been written, as it was foretold by everyone. The Kansas City Chiefs will select Luke Joeckel with their first overall pick.


That’s been the strong leaning for, oh, a month. Or maybe more than that. Truthfully, I lost track when I read my 19th mock draft giving Joeckel to the Chiefs. However, there’s at least some dissension among the ranks, and the existence of any disagreement whatsoever regarding the first overall pick a week from the draft is the greatest illustration we need of how absolutely bonkers this draft could be.

Some mocks also have Eric Fisher slotted in there, so at least we’re mostly in agreement that a left tackle will hear his name called first. And now, we have something that’s sort of definitive: our first highly sourced report projecting the first overall pick. Go crazy.

In his latest draft manifesto today in which Jason La Canfora proclaims that April 25 will, in fact, be filled with utter insanity, he also dropped this little information gift:

Texas A&M left tackle Luke Joeckel will be the first name called next week. According to numerous league sources, the Chiefs are locked in on him, barring anything unforeseen, after also strongly considering Central Michigan left tackle Eric Fisher. But Joeckel has played in a tougher conference and is a safer pick, and in a league where first-time general managers is becoming the rule (especially guys with college backgrounds), you are going to see a lot of clubs deferring to the safest guy (more on that later, when we delve into the guards).

It’s pretty difficult to disagree with much there. Joeckel does indeed feel like a safe pick, and he’s among the elite prospects at one of the most important offensive positions. But whether it’s Joeckel or Fisher, drafting a left tackle serves as a well-placed strategic domino for the Chiefs.

Branden Albert would then officially be expendable, and after losing their second-round pick in the trade to get Alex Smith, they can recoup said pick in a trade with…the Dolphins? Yes, that makes a whole lot of sense for all parties involved. Make it so.