Since the Internet is obligated to provide you with the opportunity to bet on any event that’s even loosely related to the NFL, this afternoon your friendly online draft wagering guides surfaced to feed your paycheck losing needs.

Later on this week we’ll give you a list of much more fun things to bet on/drink to, because we always aim to provide a public service. How many times will Mike Mayock say “dancing bear”? There’s a prop for that.

For now, here’s the real stuff from, with some commentary/ranting/bad predictions…

2013 NFL Draft – How many QB’s will be selected in the 1st Rd?               

Over                              1 (EVEN)

Under                            1 (-140)

A few days ago I would have laughed at the over here. Then the Ryan Nassib talk grew to a steady chatter, and now two first-round QBs seems like it could really happen. Desperation at the most important offensive position often leads to at least one passer making an unexpected jump. Remember Jake Locker in 2011, or Brandon Weeden last year? Yeah, those guys.

2013 NFL Draft – How many WR’s will be selected in the 1st Rd?              

Over                              3 (-140)

Under                            3 (EVEN)

Some mocks — like Charley Casserly’s most recent attempt — have five first-round wideouts. Tavon Austin and Cordarrelle Patterson are locks, and the needy teams at the position later in the first round will likely vacuum up at least two more between DeAndre Hopkins, Justin Hunter, or even Robert Woods and Keenan Allen.

2013 NFL Draft – How many Safeties will be selected in the 1st Rd?          

Over                              2½ (-140)

Under                            2½ (EVEN)

Kenny Vaccaro and Jonathan Cyprien seem cemented in the first round, but beyond that confidently projecting Matt Elam and Eric Reid as first rounders is difficult with this deep safety class. Waiting for Day 2 may be the chosen route for a lot of teams looking for early solutions at the position.

2013 NFL Draft – Who will be the 2nd Pick Overall?          

Eric Fisher                    1/2

Dion Jordan                  7/4

Geno Smith                   15/2

Luke Joeckel                 15/1

All Jordan all the time here. But given the fact that Blaine Gabbert is still the starting quarterback of an NFL team, there’s potentially some easy money to be made on Smith, with David Caldwell already feeling a sense of urgency at quarterback.

2013 NFL Draft – Who will be the 3rd Pick Overall?           

Shariff Floyd                -1000    (1/10)

Other Player                  +550     (11/2)

Hit “other player” hard. Star Lotulelei will receive significant consideration by a Raiders front office that needs to plug a hole on the interior of their defensive line fast, and Floyd could fall. He’s a media creation, you know.

2013 NFL Draft – Who will be the 4th Pick Overall?           

Lane Johnson               3/2

Star Lotulelei                 7/4

Dion Jordan                  2/1

Chance Warmack          9/1

Just stay the hell away. This is way too difficult to forecast. You’ll lose all your lunch money.

2013 NFL Draft – Draft Position – Geno Smith       

Over/Under                   8½

Throughout most of draft season, I’ve maintained that if the Jaguars pass on Smith and choose to instead select a quarterback on Day 2, he’ll fall all the way to Buffalo at No. 8, and the Bills will mercifully land their quarterback. Now, I’m beginning to waffle on that and think that the Bills will still get their guy, but he’ll be named Ryan Nassib, and then the great Smith slide of 2013 will begin.

2013 NFL Draft – Draft Position – Tavon Austin     

Over/Under                   13½

As the draft has been mocked and ridiculed, the Rams at No. 16 have emerged as the near consensus slot for Austin. It’s a logical fit since they just lost Danny Amendola, and Austin is the most Amendola-like receiver in this draft. Despite his rockstar pre-draft tours and his connection to the Bills and Jets (both teams picking in the top 10), this is a rare consensus mock pick that still feels right a few days before the draft.

2013 NFL Draft – Draft Position – Manti Te’o         

Over/Under                   25½

Say, perhaps you’ve heard some Te’o first-round chatter? I still think he’s a first rounder, most likely to either the Vikings or Ravens. But if you’re taking the under here, it’s the former, as the Vikings hold both the 23rd and 25th overall picks.