When you’re an NFL general manager who has one of the best young secondaries in the league on his payroll, keeping said employees smiling and happy will in turn prolong the life of your employment. See, everybody wins.

With Kam Chancellor — the safety voted most eligible to break bones (not a real award) — at the ripe age of 25 and quickly ascending while being ranked 21st at his position by Pro Football Focus, the managerial decision was easy for Seahawks GM John Schneider: extend this man.

Yes, easy decisions are still easy, as if the cap allows, securing a safety of Cancellor’s caliber throughout all of his prime years — and most importantly, potential free agent years — should be a priority. That’s what Schneider did today, signing Chancellor to a four-year extension.

How much he’s getting paid depends on who you’d like to believe, with ESPN’s John Clayton saying Chancellor will receive $35 million in new money, while NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport has it pegged at $28 million.

Regardless, that’s some pretty sweet cash, and both report that the deal includes $17 million in guaranteed money, which is $17 million more than what Darrelle Revis received. Just sayin’.

(UPDATE: $28 million seems to be the consensus. So there.)

Since he still had one year remaining on his current deal, Chancellor is now under contract through his age 30 season. In a secondary that includes Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner outside and Earl Thomas also at safety, there’s a lot of scary speed and large bodies set to fly at Colin Kaepernick for a few years.

And thus ends our rosy slobbering…maybe.

See, the problem with having a lot of talented young guys lies with exactly what Schneider is trying to do: keep them together. Browner is entering the final year of his contract, while Sherman and Thomas are already Pro Bowl defenders, and their deals expire in 2014. That could lead to some, um, interesting salary cap dancing, especially with the need to also sign some guy named Russel Wilson to a long-term extension during the same time period.