Uniform madness, guys.

Earlier this afternoon we learned that the Jaguars have been in the design room much more than their war room. Their new uniforms were unveiled in a grand ceremony, and they’re not a puke-ish teal color. Therefore, they’re all kinds of awesome after clearing the lowest bar imaginable.

Now since secrets are obsolete here on planet Earth in the year 2013, Paul Lukas of UniWatch fame shared the new Dolphins and Vikings uniforms with the Twitters shortly before they too were officially unveiled.

So let’s start with the Dolphins then, because their uniforms are drawing from a rich history of being exactly the same for a really long time.

dolphins uni

Simple, yet effective. The lettering and trim looks much more, well, not 1991, and the ugly collar is gone. If you’re the before/after type, here’s the now dead Dolphins uni…


As for the Vikings, they made the right tweaks too. Their new home look is now a more bold purple, from head to toe. That includes the helmet, which is a darker shade, and the purple is further emphasized by the absence of the white patch underneath the armpit, and the gold collar.

vikes uni

Again, for those who need to visualize the transformation…


Annnd here’s the three new unis, in all their glory and new-ness.

new unis