Social media is a glorious thing in that it gives us access to whatever we want, whenever we desire it. Do you like to read things, and maybe things about news and current events? You can make your Twitter account into your own personal news feed essentially, one that’s catered specifically to your personal interests.

Or maybe instead you just like to argue with people about anything…anything at all. In various ways, each social media platform will also allow you to do that as much as you like. Finally, maybe you live a simpler existence, and you like to share pictures of your ham sandwich with the Internet everyday. Oh, there’s an app for that.

And for NFL front offices set to give a lot of money to often immature prospects who are only a few years removed from being teenagers, the versatility of social media can be a little scary. Last night/early this morning, D.J. Fluker may have scared a few folks.

More realistically, though, the appropriate reaction to what you see below is this: who cares?

Fluker, the soon-to-be former Alabama offensive tackle who will be a first-round pick Thursday, tweeted this:


Or did he? Because this is 2013 and saying your Twitter account was hacked is the equivalent of the dog eating your homework, Fluker’s agent came out and said just that shortly after this tweet started to spread its viral legs. Also, it’s predictably been deleted.

Frankly, even if he did tweet this and even if it is true, Fluker deserves some knuckle taps. College athletes should get paid or compensated in some way for working under the snake umbrella that is the NCAA, and risking severe injury. Meanwhile, major institutions reel in straight cash while riding a product on the field that’s entirely free. But I’ve now gone too far in a few meager sentences, and opened a greasy can of worms that have now business crawling in this space.

So we’ll end that discussion here, because what’s more important for our purposes is the perception among some front offices that could now exist, which is that Fluker isn’t exactly social media savvy, and he’s not aware of what information can/should be shared with the world.

Even if we assume the “my account was hacked” line is complete crap, it’s absurd to think that Fluker will take any sort of plunge Thursday due to a 140-character mistake. At worst, teams now know that he may require a little bit of social media education, and even that could be reaching.