The Jaguars now have some pretty badass new uniforms to go along with their sexy new logo.


Mercifully, after over a month of hype and “leaks” the Jaguars finally unveiled their new unis this afternoon. That’s the black home version, and here are the road white duds…

jags whites

Although I’m not quite sold on the font used for the numbers (because I have an expert style opinion on such matters), these still easily get the highly respected 100 Yards and Running seal of approval. The two-tone and/or holographic helmet particularly ups the awesome of this new outfit.

New uniforms instantly create a divide in opinion as they’re either loved or hated, and nothing in between. But if you’re a hater, here’s what you have to answer: you really don’t think the Jags’ new uni is worse than the teal pukes, right?