Good luck as a UDFA, bud.

There may be trades involving actual people on draft day. Branden Albert? Sure. Chris Ivory? Probably. Tim Tebow? Why not.

But that’s difficult to gauge, and is a reflection of the fact that there are so very few truths in this draft, one which will be filled with all sorts of zany. We accept the following as near scripture, though:

  • Teams that are currently slotted in the top half of the first round have no desire whatsoever to be there. That’s great, and it may keep writer folk like, well, me up for many hours Thursday while we try to chart the insanity. But the thing about trading back is that someone needs to trade up, and maybe only two teams really want to do that.
  • Dee Milliner is the top cornerback

Fact No. 2 will remain in dispute, and when Milliner is eventually selected as the draft’s top player at his position, the separation between him and, say, D.J. Hayden or Xavier Rhodes won’t be lengthy. At all.

But despite all the reports saying all those awful things about Milliner (which may be a product of fecal matter throwing), he’s still ranked as the top corner by over half the league.

Specifically, 22 teams have ranked Milliner as the top CB, according to Draft Insider’s Tony Pauline. To be fair, that still leaves 10 teams which have someone not named Milliner as their top-ranked cornerback. But 22 >>>>> 10, and what makes that number even more notable is that Milliner has maintained his high standing despite the circulation of his five surgeries throughout his Alabama career.

From Adam Schefter, here’s the entire hit list:

Alabama CB Dee Milliner has undergone five surgeries, some not as major as others. Milliner’s surgeries: right knee scope, sports hernia, right tibia stress fracture, left shoulder, right shoulder

Milliner’s torn labrum is well known. That’s the injury which required surgery shortly after the combine, and it may led to at least a partial absence during training camp. And sure, the rest of that list sucks, because full health is much better than a list of rips and breaks as a team prepares to invest a first-round pick — and likely a very high pick — in Milliner.

But reports of Milliner’s past surgeries surfacing now is just so late April. With all the medical checks and re-checks and the private inspections done by team officials during pre-draft visits, it’s simply silly to believe that anything here is surprising to prospective future Milliner employers. If Milliner falls, it’ll be because one (or more?) of those 10 teams is slotted in the top 10, and not because of any perceived new injury.

Oh, and here’s more in late April draft calamity: a scout has Ryan Nassib graded as an undrafted free agent.

Transcribe that lunacy from Adam Schefter for us please, Rotoworld:

“Some teams say they have him rated as the top quarterback on the board. I’ve heard other teams say they have him as nothing more than a fourth-round pick. I even had one team tell me that their coaches didn’t consider him draftable, and they’re not putting him on their board and they’re not studying him.”

At worst, Nassib is most commonly viewed as a second-round pick. But it’s growing increasingly likely that he’s a first-round pick, and probably to the Bills due to the obvious connection with Doug Marrone, their new head coach. Nassib to Buffalo could happen through either a desperate but maybe necessary reach at No. 8, or with the Bills trading back into the first round and taking him with a late pick (the Vikings would be the most likely trade partner because of their multiple picks).

A fall out of the draft entirely? That’s about as likely as an orangutan and a dog being inseparable.

*shrugs and hides in underground lair forever*