For the first time in a really long time, the Buffalo Bills control something. Or at least they partly control something, and their quarterback decision could quickly lead to either a massive first-round fall for Geno Smith, or a lot of trade activity late in the round. Or both.

At the center of it all is one man. One man who’s receiving the supermodel at a bar where a large man named Sandy serves drinks treatment, and when we turn the lights on, he could really be Lunchbox Becky. You know the one.

He’s Ryan Nassib, and he could be the eighth overall pick ahead of Smith.

The Bills chasing a quarterback in this draft won’t be surprising whatsoever. No, the opposite would come with some shock, as if Buffalo doesn’t use a pick on a quarterback within the first two rounds, planets will collide.

What’s shifting tectonic draft plates, though, is that previously there was a thought — or at least an apparently foolish thought in my head — that in a weak draft class at the position, the Bills may wait until Day 2. The thinking during that time of folly was that Nassib may be around then, and if not maybe E.J. Manuel or Mike Glennon would be.

But Nassib is their target, and now the problem is that he could be the Jets’ target too.

That’s what ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reported this morning, noting that Jets offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is pretty high on the Syracuse quarterback. The standard pre-draft smokescreen disclaimer applies here, because the Jets hold some serious clout in the early half of the first round following the Darrelle Revis trade, with two picks in the top 15 (ninth and 13th). They have many holes and many options with those picks, but if not starting anyone named Mark Sanchez or David Garrard is their desire, then taking a quarterback is certainly among the leading possibilities.

A crazy thought, though: what if Smith really is their guy? And what if with this leak, they want to eliminate any faint possibility of Buffalo taking him? Every leak counts, guys.

That sort of reaching is the only way Smith doesn’t fall, and pretty far. Smith getting Aaron Rodgers’ed in the first round is becoming a very real thing, because if the Bills really do have a high grade on Nassib and take him with their eighth overall pick, and then the Jets in turn decide that in a weak draft class they’d rather wait and develop a QB since they’re rebuilding anyway, what Smith suitors are left?

In that scenario — again, a very real scenario — the Smith spiral will be swift. It played out in Josh Norris’ most recent mock, when he gave Nassib to the Bills at No. 8, and then the Jets went with Barkevious Mingo and Tavon Austin, grabbing two of the best players at their positions. Then Smith fell out of the first round entirely.

If a quarterback-needy front office doesn’t then target a team with two picks late in the first round (most likely the Vikings) to trade back into the round and capitalize on Smith’s great value at that point, then his fall will begin.