Nassib again

The Bills may not even know what the Bills are doing.

Complete and utter uncertainty will be the dominant theme during the first round, and that’s just our pizza order. When and where the quarterbacks in this draft fall will greatly hinge on what the Bills do with their No. 8 pick. They’ve been connected to multiple quarterbacks, and their strategy could therefore go in multiple directions.

But what remains remarkable is that mere hours before this draft earlier this afternoon, no one had any idea what the hell the Bills will do.

That confusion is reflected beautifully in Jason Cole’s report. The Yahoo! writer did the usual anonymous scout circuit in an attempt to gauge the Bills’ plans, and get any feel whatsoever for their possible direction.

That effort went…poorly:

“Trade down to right spot for [Geno] Smith,” one exec wrote via text message.

“They want [Ryan] Nassib,” another said.

“Hearing [Matt] Barkley in Buffalo,” another exec said.

Thanks, guys.

My totally not real money is still on the Bills looking elsewhere with their eighth overall pick if they can’t trade out of it (Tavon Austin?), and then they’ll get their quarterback — likely, almost definitely Ryan Nassib — by trading back into the first round. The best trade partner to do that is the Vikings, who hold the 23rd and 25th overall picks after the Percy Harvin trade.

Grab your Jiffy Pop and stay perfectly still for the next four hours (trust me, it’s easy). This will be a wild, possibly mistake-ridden ride that we’ll look back on with great comedic delight a few years from now.