The Darrelle Revis trade will forever be measured by the success or crappiness of the player selected with the 13th overall pick.

They had a chance to take Geno Smith, a pick that would have been chasing either mediocrity or stability, depending on your opinion of the best QB in the worst class at the position. They passed.

They had a chance to select Sharrif Floyd, the defensive tackle who was often mocked to the Raiders at third overall before they traded out of that pick. They passed, and Floyd’s great fall continued.

Instead, they went with Sheldon Richardson as their newest interior pass rushing presence. Sure, a need has beenĀ  addressed, and Richardson will now be even more imposing while next to Muhammad Wilkerson. But now the pick acquired through the Revis trade was used to select a defensive lineman in the first round for the third straight year. That’s a lot of potential and upside isolated in one area, and a lot of trust in Mark Sanchez or David Garrard to not be completely terrible.

When Sanchez inserts his face into a man’s rear region again before fumbling, the fan base will remember the decision to pass on Smith, and let his fall continue. All will be well if Richardson gets to the other quarterback consistently. Failing that, a toxic mess will continue to steam and boil.