The Bills cashed in on Tavon Austin’s rise

tavon austin2

All day, there were reports about the Bills targeting Tavon Austin with their eighth overall pick. That sly little (see: old) devil Buddy Nix blew just enough smoke in the Rams’ direction.

The Rams traded up eight spots to secure Austin, with the Bills then falling back to the 16th overall slot in the first round, where Ryan Nassib’s value looks a little better. Just a little bit.

Or maybe Geno Smith? Or Maybe Matt Barkley?!? Who the hell knows.

What’s impressive for the Bills is that a team with multiple holes just cashed in on the Rams’ Austin infatuation, as they also received three other picks. Specifically, the 46th, 78th, and 222th overall picks.

That’s a steep price for a little fast man, but the Rams’ aggression is understandable. They lost Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson during free agency, stripping Sam Bradford of two key targets. Now they have the most Amendola-like receiver in this draft with Austin’s ability to excel in the slot. But most impressively, he’s also versatile after recording 1,932 all-purpose yards during his final year at West Virgina, 643 of which came on the ground.