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Oh man. Just, just…oh man.

The Bills were connected to every person who has thrown a forward pass. I received a call after word surfaced that I once threw a three-yard strike in the fifth grade. Unfortunately, they had a higher grade on E.J. Manuel.

Seriously, this really happened. The Bills selected E.J. Manuel with the 16th overall pick they acquired from the Rams.

They were connected to Geno Smith early in the draft season, and the link to Ryan Nassib was natural with Doug Marrone as their new head coach. Hell, they were even tied to Matt Barkley.

Manuel? He visited Buffalo, and he felt pretty damn confident after his visit. But this is shocking, especially with that deep relationship between Nassib and Marrone, the former Syracuse quarterback and head coach.

More than anything, this speaks to the severe lack of depth and separation among this year’s quarterbacks, since it’s remarkable Manuel — widely projected as a second-round pick at best — was graded higher than Geno Smith by any team. Smith’s fall continues, and as I type this with the Giants currently on the board at 19th overall, he’s officially five picks away from matching Aaron Rodgers’ fall in 2005.

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  1. They couldn’t have waited until the 3rd round?

  2. So nassib with one of their 2nds then, and a WR.
    Idk what to make of this.

  3. Soo he’ll be the 2013 starting QB….?

  4. i can already tell u know nothing about football when u say they aquired the pick from the raiders even though they got it from the rams, did u even watch the draft? this was a great pick

  5. i can already tell u know nothing about football considering that they got the pick from the rams not the raiders, did u even watched the draft? lol.. this was a great pick “he can turn into somethiing special”-Mike Mayock

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