UPDATE : Annnd now it’s official. Eric Fisher is the newest Kansas City Chiefs employee.


If we assume Mike Florio isn’t Terry Bradshaw-ing this report (we can confirm Eric Fisher is alive, right?), it’s only a mild surprise.

Throughout the draft process, the Chiefs have always been connected to a left tackle with their first overall pick, and most commonly that tackle’s name has been Luke Joeckel. Although Joeckel and Fisher have received very similar grades by most scouts and tape analysts, Joeckel is often seen as a slightly safer pick. And in this draft, safe is a highly pursued commodity.

But for a running team that will now ask Alex Smith to just not screw up ever please and thanks, Fisher may actually be the better fit. He’s a mauler, and he’s highly mobile for a tackle of his stature (6’7″, 305 pounds).

Our boy Alen Dumonjic pegged Fisher as a future Pro Bowler after watching his tape:

Evaluators often apply the term “versatile” to players that run in space (e.g. pass-rushers or running backs) but it can also hold true for offensive lineman who are agile and light on their feet, which is what Fisher is. His mobility allows the offensive coordinator to redesign the running game, a package that is often far too similar at the college and NFL levels, and get him out in space like a pulling guard.

Doesn’t that sound like the kind of guy you’d like to have in front of Jamaal Charles? The answer is yes.

If the Jaguars pass on Joeckel at No. 2 now, he won’t fall further than the Lions at No. 5, or more likely the Eagles one pick earlier.