I began this glorious day by looking at three players — yes, actual people, and not just picks — who could be traded over the next three days. This will shock you, so you should probably sit down: I forget things. Sometimes, I forget what day it is, and several times I’ve even almost neglected to put on pants in the morning. It happens.

On this particular day, I forgot to include Ryan Mallett in that post, as he’s also a very worthy candidate to be traded and employed by a different team in the very near future. So let’s make up for that omission now, because the Mallett to Cleveland talk is a thing again.

That’s the good word from Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald, with Howe reporting that at minimum, the Patriots want a second-round pick. Together, let’s answer for the Browns: no.

Of course, the Browns don’t currently have a second-round pick after giving it up to grab Josh Gordon last summer during the supplemental draft. But even if they did, that asking price is far too steep for a quarterback with potential, and little more than that.

Sure, with his strong arm and the speedy Gordon available to track down deep balls, Mallett would be a perfect fit for new head coach Rob Chudzinski’s vertical offense (aside: horizontal offenses suck, as to diagonal offenses). The infatuation that new Browns general manager Michael Lombardi has with Mallett is also a well known fact. He wrote it in his diary.

Let’s look at Matt Flynn, though, as he recently set the trade market for backup quarterbacks with little more than upside and potential. The Raiders acquired Flynn from Seattle for a fifth-round pick next year, and a conditional pick in 2015.

Say what you will with your Flynn hatred, and recite the tired lines about his lack of NFL experience, and two career starts. But at least he’s, you know, started those two games. Over two seasons, Mallett hasn’t started a game, perhaps because there’s this Tom Brady guy ahead of him on the QB depth chart in New England. Worse, he’s attempted only four moderately meaningful NFL passes, all in regular-season garbage time.

Flynn has attempted 87, and yet Mallett should fetch a pick that’s three rounds ahead of the best pick in his final trade price? Wishful thinking is always the most entertaining kind of draft thinking.