The Vikings had three opportunities to take Manti Te’o. Instead, they passed on him twice, and then did it again after giving up pretty much their entire draft for Cordarrelle Patterson.

Once their 23rd and 25th picks passed and other also dire needs were filled after they caught a free falling Sharrif Floyd and Xavier Rhodes to replace Antoine Winfield, they still needed both a wide receiver to complement and/or support Greg Jennings, and a linebacker to replace Jasper Brinkley.

They opted for the former, and lunged at Patterson by trading back into the round, and giving the Patriots four picks. Stunningly, they were the Vikings’ picks in the second, third, fourth, and seventh rounds this year. For general manager Rick Spielman, this draft will be judged largely on the success of his three first-round picks. With DeAndre Hopkins off the board, Patterson became best available option to stretch the field deep vertically, something recently signed Greg Jennings can’t do with consistency anymore.

Three core and crucial needs were filled by the Vikings, but the cost was steep.

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  1. Really bad move to trade 4 picks for a so-so reciever when Randy Moss is avaiable

    • So you’d rather have a 36-year-old who’s career is nearly over, and he had only 28 receptions last year while being mostly buried on the 49ers’ wide receiver depth chart? Alright then…

  2. The Vikings have more than one pick left. Suggest you know your facts before publishing a article.

  3. What? Vikings have 5 more picks. A 4,5,6 and two 7′s.

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