chris ivory2

Sweet, another trade involving real people, and not just a bunch of numbers. This one was very much of the predictable sort, as it’s been talked about for weeks. And weeks.

The Jets finally completed a trade that lands them Chris Ivory from the Saints for a fourth-round pick, and — though I fear the temperature in hell may plummet as I type this — in doing so they’ve secured a respectable running game.

How has this magic came to be? Through John Idzik’s ninja ways, of course. Last month, Mike Goodson became a quality bargain free agent signing after the Jets let Shonn Greene walk because he’s plodding defined. Goodson hasn’t had a heavy workload during any of his four seasons, topping out at 103 carries in 2010. So he’s fresh at 25 years old, which is a very good thing for a running back with great breakaway speed.

Now, enter Ivory, whose situation in New Orleans was similar to Goodson’s throughout his career. Despite excelling whenever he was given the ball, his under-usage was downright criminal. Of course, health was a factor, but even in the games when Ivory was in uniform he topped out at 10 carries while platooning with Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas. And yet dispute those minimal carries this past season (40 in total), Ivory still had three carries of 20 yards or more, which was highlighted by a 56-yard run against the Falcons in Week 10.

That’s some mighty fine burst, and now together the combined speed of Ivory and Goodson will provide quality support for one of the Jets’ five quarterbacks.