teo field2

Finally, it’s over. Mercifully, it’s over. Now can we please go about the business of watching Manti Te’o play football? Thanks.

In the end, Te’o only narrowly missed the first round, and he’s still a top 40 pick after the Chargers traded up from their original second-round slot at 45th to take him at 38th. The Cardinals were their trading partner, with Arizona also accumulating an extra fourth-round pick to address their multiple needs.

See that? The NFL hates Te’o enough that a team actually traded up to secure him, while also giving up another pick of significance. Crazy.

Te’o replaces the departed and aged Takeo Spikes while ideally sliding in just right, and allowing a defense that gave up just 3.8 rushing yards per carry and 96.4 per game to keep on keepin’ on. His speed is sufficient and adequate, but not blazing, and there’s the possibility that on passing downs he may at first have to be removed. But overall, this is a player who will excel with his instincts and superb field vision which led to seven interceptions during his final year at Notre Dame.