arthur brown2

Rolando McClain was acquired to play the same position that Ray Lewis once played in Baltimore, but since he’s a bust and is completely corrupted mentally, he’s not a replacement. At best, he’s a temporary bridge to someone better. At best.

And now we know the name of that someone after the Ravens traded up in the second round with the Seahawks, jumping up six spots while sending their fifth- and sixth-round picks to Seattle. He’s now the future for the defending champs at a position which has been the soul of their defense for over a decade. No pressure, kid.

This is great value for Brown, even at the cost of extra picks to move up a few spots. Brown was widely given a first-round grade, and often mocked to the Ravens at 32nd overall. In those mocks he was even sometimes ahead of one Manti Te’o due to his better lateral speed.

As we were exposed to his tape, Brown made his arbitrary April rise, and now he joins Matt Elam in Baltimore during an infusion of youth at core defensive positions formerly paroled by beloved veterans.