Say, do you remember that time when the over/under on Geno Smith’s draft slot was set at 8.5? We do, and yes, so do you, the chronic betting fiend who’s only now getting the tears to stop.

Since betting on the NFL draft is something people really do, there was undoubtedly much despair after Smith’s fall that hasn’t stopped yet. Online sports betting sites which allow you to donate your money digitally had Smith commonly projected for about that No. 8 spot which was originally owned by the Bills.

How can you lose more money again tonight during a draft that’s made “prediction” a dirty and scummy word? Why, has more options, of course.

Here are the primary over/under’s for the second round, and there’s a very, very real chance that every name listed below blows past these projections:

Geno Smith – Draft Position

Over/Under                   33½

Eddie Lacy – Draft Position        

Over/Under                   37½

Matt Barkley – Draft Position     

Over/Under                   37½

Manti Te’o – Draft Position         

Over/Under                   40½

If you like money and remaining married while with shelter over your head and food in the fridge, please don’t bet on this draft ever again.