geno smith2

That sound you heard a little after 7 ET tonight was every New York tabloid editor clicking their heels while hopefully also drinking tar.

Geno Smith’s fall ended at the seventh pick in the second round (39th overall) when the Jets were on the clock. Now the greatest cluster-mess ever has been created, as the best quarterback in this draft according to everyone not named Buddy Nix is on the Jets’ roster after they signed David Garrard, who was initially thought to be just veteran competition for Mark Sanchez. Oh and look, Tim Tebow is still inexplicably on their roster. Jets the worst.

Or…the best, aside from their natural tendency to create awesomely comical messes?

We can easily conclude that John Idzik’s first two picks last night were solid ones which addressed key needs between Dee Milliner and Sheldon Richardson. And now although Smith fell a great distance and he did that for a reason (hint: he might not be nearly as good as we thought he was), it’s still highly probable that at worst he’ll be E.J. Manuel’s equal, and Manuel came off the board 24 picks earlier.

The resulting effect on the Jets’ quarterback depth chart is difficult to predict because Sanchez really is that awful, but he’s getting paid a whole lot of money (guaranteed $8.25 million in 2013). Here’s my attempt: Tebow being discarded is a formality, Garrard will be little more than a veteran safety net, and Sanchez “wins” the job during training camp, but he’s not even given a short leash. It’ll be more like a choke collar, and at the first sign of trouble he’ll be yanked, especially since Rex Ryan is in a contract year.

Or maybe they’ll just say screw it, eat the money, and cut Sanchez. Adam Schefter reported that as a possibility, and although that’s a whole lot of money to devour, it may be the best move.

Eventually — whether it’s now, in the summer, or next fall — you’ll remember this as the day Mark Sanchez became a backup quarterback.