aaron rodgers2

Here it is, guys. The Aaron Rodgers extension that breaks all the banks.

The Packers have finalized a contract extension with Rodgers that’s been in the works for quite some time. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport says it’s the richest contract in NFL history, eclipsing the average annual mark set by Joe Flacco earlier this offseason ($20.1 million).

Ready for the terms? You’ll be reminded that you have less money than Aaron Rodgers.

Wow indeed, Rapsheet. Wow indeed.

Rodgers is quite happy about this turn of events. Hey Aaron, is that a wad of cash in your pocket, or are you really happy to see us?

Say, is the draft still on tonight?

Rapoport also adds that despite the mountainous collection of cash that Rodgers has now signed off on which will keep him in Green Bay through his age 35 season, the cap hit remains highly manageable after a shrewd move by general manger Ted Thompson. Over the life of the new contract, Rodgers’ cap number doesn’t exceed $21 million, which easily gives the Packers flexibility to address other needs that may arise.

That compares quite favorably to Flacco’s contract which comes with a cap hit of $29 million in the fourth year. The same elation being felt today in Green Bay also spread wide smiles across the collective face of Baltimore when the defending champs secured their pivot. But realistically, his contract will have to be restructured three years from now.

Although the record-setting deal gives Rodgers a whole lot of cash, it falls well short of the once rumored $25 million annually, which is a major win for Thompson.