Money making, man. Sometimes a bro just has to hustle. And oftentimes around these parts, stacking bills means betting on football.

Throughout the weekend we kept you abreast of the urgent and compelling money making opportunities during the draft throughout the first and second rounds. And during the season, we attempt to guide your charitable donations with weekly betting advice from Rob Pizzola. See, whether it’s through fake fantasy teams or real dollars on real people, we don’t mess around.

So after the draft and every pick which is instantly a potential boom or bust, new Super Bowl odds have been released, and thus also an updated way to make money.

Less than 24 hours after the Super Bowl in February, the Broncos were favored to win a championship in 2014. Then in the early days of free agency after most of the major spending and shuffling, the 49ers moving upwards a little, and there was a tie at the top between San Francisco and Denver.

Now? has made San Fransisco the easy favorite following a highly successful draft highlighted by immediate needs being filled with Eric Reid, Cornellius Carradine, and Vance McDonald, and a quality long-term flier spent on Marcus Lattimore.

Here are the full updated 2014 Super Bowl odds. Oh those Buffalol Bills. Stay strong, upstate New York.

Odds to win the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII

San Francisco 49ers                              6/1

Denver Broncos                                    15/2

New England Patriots                            8/1

Seattle Seahawks                                  9/1

Atlanta Falcons                                     12/1

Green Bay Packers                                12/1

Houston Texans                                    18/1

New Orleans Saints                               18/1

Baltimore Ravens                                  20/1

New York Giants                                   20/1

Chicago Bears                                      25/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                                25/1

Dallas Cowboys                                    28/1

Washington Redskins                            28/1

Philadelphia Eagles                               30/1

Cincinnati Bengals                                35/1

Indianapolis Colts                                  35/1

Detroit Lions                                         40/1

Miami Dolphins                                     40/1

Minnesota Vikings                                 40/1

San Diego Chargers                              40/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers                         40/1

Carolina Panthers                                 50/1

Kansas City Chiefs                                50/1

St. Louis Rams                                     60/1

Cleveland Browns                                  75/1

New York Jets                                       75/1

Arizona Cardinals                                  100/1

Buffalo Bills                                          100/1

Oakland Raiders                                    100/1

Tennessee Titans                                   100/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                             200/1

And here are some other fun matters to discuss, including many ways to profit from plausible yet reaching Tim Tebow scenarios.

E.J. Manuel – Will he start Week 1 for the Buffalo Bills in the 2013 Regular Season?          

Yes                  +200

No                    -300

Geno Smith – Total Starts in the 2013 Regular Season   

Over/Under                   4½

Matt Barkley – Total Starts in the 2013 Regular Season  

Over/Under                   2

Tavon Austin – Total Receiving Yards in the 2013 Regular Season 

Over/Under                    800

Tavon Austin – Total Receiving TD’s in the 2013 Regular Season    

Over/Under                    4½

Ziggy Ansah  – Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season   

Over/Under                    4½

Barkevious Mingo – Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season        

Over/Under                    3

Jarvis Jones – Total Sacks in the 2013 Regular Season    

Over/Under                    8

Tim Tebow Props

Tim Tebow – Will he start a game as a QB in the 2013 Regular Season?     

Yes                  +400     (4/1)

No                    -700      (1/7)

Tim Tebow – Which position will he play in his 1st Offensive play in the 2013 Regular Season?        

QB                               1/2

WR/TE                          3/2

RB/HB/FB                     5/1

Tim Tebow – What will happen first for Tim Tebow?           

Throws another TD Pass in the NFL          -500    (1/5)

Admits to having intercourse                   +300   (3/1)

Tim Tebow – Will he join the Montreal Alouettes in 2013?

(Note: Montreal owns Tebow’s CFL rights)  

Yes                  +1000   (10/1)

No                    -2500    (1/25)