Throughout this week and, well, until August and then well beyond that until next February, we’ll often turn our attention back to something we hold dearly: fantasy footballing.

Oh sure, we stray from such matters a bit in the offseason months that are so long, but throughout this week we’ll look back on which recently drafted rookies have a chance to make a fantasy impact in 2013. Then I’m sure throughout May, June, and July I’ll also write other fantasy things I haven’t thought of yet. The offseason may seem like it’s an everlasting doom-filled journey, but those are the only true dead months in the NFL calender, and they’re so very cold. But hey, I’m game for whatever I can do to avoid ranking the top 10 long snappers.

To stick our toe back into the fiery fantasy waters, here’s a pretty important note from a pretty important player at a pretty important position.

During the madness of the draft these comments from Robert Griffin III may have escaped the screens of those who weren’t glued to a ticker for eight hours. Yes, that was likely only me. No, you’re unhealthy.

While speaking to the crowd and doing jumping jacks at a Redskins draft event, Griffin sounded pretty damn confident about the state of his knee, and his recovery as we continue to chug towards Week 1.

From The Associated Press:

“I’m good. You guys saw me jumping. I mean, I can run a little bit,” he said, running in place some more. “I’ll be good. No worries. I’ll take it slow, but at the same time I’ll be ready to go.”

Running even “a little bit” sounds terrific, especially in late April. But, of course, Griffin needs to advance much more, and to the point that he can cut and shift weight at high speeds comfortably. Then the final hurdle is contact.

You should always steer far clear of drafting a quarterback early in fantasy drafts, because the value you’re getting compared to other positions is so horribly disgusting. So with that in mind, passing on Griffin and letting him become someone else’s problem is still pretty easy.