I promised myself that after addressing the destroyer of good football discourse known as Tim Tebow earlier this morning with a lengthy, cleansing rant, I’d steer clear for a while. Yet here we are again.

But this extra bit is necessary to note something that many seem to be taking for granted: Tebow would be a backup in the CFL too.

It was odd and a little amusing when as soon as the Tebow news broke this morning and those who write about all things NFL began to assemble the inevitable lists of potential destinations, the CFL was routinely included. It’s often tacked on at the bottom, as if it’s the default, automatic option.

I completely understand if my American blogging brethren know little about the CFL, and don’t care to know. But a solid 90 seconds of research would remind the layman that the CFL has three downs, a longer and — more importantly for Tebow — wider field, and a larger ball. It’s therefore a passing league, and Tebow can’t pass. This is a fundamental problem.

But even if it’s possible (it isn’t) to get past that, there’s another far greater hurdle for Tebow’s CFL employment aspirations: the team that owns his rights already has a pretty damn good quarterback.

The Montreal Alouettes own Tebow’s CFL rights, and although he’s rather old (40), Anthony Calvillo can still ball. Some may even call him a legend. Some.

Last year during his 19th CFL season, Calvillo passed for 5,082 and 31 touchdowns, his second straight season with over 5,000 yards and 30 scores. He’s flirted with retirement in the past, and he’s now essentially approaching his career on a year-t0-year basis, though he’s committed to playing in 2013.

So maybe there’s a long-term future for Tebow in Montreal. But as Jason La Canfora reported, in the short term his job title in the the frosty, maple-syrup covered north with lumberjacks and curlers would be exactly the same as his role with the Jets.

He’d be a backup.

The CFL would not be particularly lucrative for Tebow, according to the source (“He would be in a learning program behind Anthony,” the source said), but Tebow would be given the chance to at least practice and develop as a quarterback — an option that might not develop in the NFL.

But make no mistake, he wouldn’t be walking into Montreal, even, as the top guy.

Even if he was a CFL free agent, Tebow starting immediately was never a certainty. But he has absolutely not chance immediately in Montreal with Calvillo still rolling.

However, La Canfora highlights another important nugget. If there’s any hope at all for Tebow to be a starting NFL quarterback again, he needs to practice consistently in a team environment, and continue his development. He can do that in Montreal, and having Calvillo as a mentor won’t hurt either.