Last year, you gave your mother fresh new oven mitts on Mother’s Day, and a gift card to the Olive Garden. Never again.

Things will be different this year. You’ll give her a gift filled with caring, compassion, and love for all of humankind. And given recent events, you’ll be able to purchase all that for the low, low price of $8.36.


Thanks, Mike Freeman

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  1. Ah yes, more man-love from Sean. Has the President called yet to congratulate you?

    • First, I’ll direct you to my response to your previous comment. Second, let me be the first to congratulate you on your recently acquired subscription to the Internet, as everyone with a keyboard has been critical of Tebow since the news of his release broke Monday morning.

      Everyone except the few remaining in the Tebow cult, of course

  2. So you’re attracted to him and you’re just following the herd when you criticize him?
    Do you have a monitor or just the keyboard?

    • I’m expressing my opinion of him. That’s sort of what I do, and if that opinion is shared by others, so be it.

      You’re either missing my point, or choosing to miss it. Your logic leads to a whole lot of Tebow infatuation on the Internet.

      And again, using sexuality as an insult in any context is exactly why Jason Collins coming out earlier this week was a very big deal.

      I’m really not sure why I’m continuing to engage with you while attempting to change your immature thinking, so this will be my last comment.

  3. Thanks for letting me have the last word.
    I get that your job is to express your opinion but that expression, in this case, appears very personal and forces observers like myself to look for explanations so that we can understand your point of view. I think it is very telling that you consider homosexuality an “insult.”
    And you contradict yourself. You claim that everyone with a keyboard is criticizing Tebow and that the Internet has a whole lot of Tebow infatuation. Which is it?
    Thank you for at least having a dialogue and I urge you to examine your motivations for your criticism of Tim Tebow.

    • OK, I lied. I’ll comment again only because I have to address one point there.

      I don’t remotely consider homosexuality to be an insult. I was referencing you using it previously as an insult towards me.

      “Is it possible that deep down you have feelings for him that make you angry? If you are attracted to him and that frustrates you – own it. We will all support you.”

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