I was looking forward to starting this day with something fun. Maybe it’s the nice weather in my current location of the world, or maybe I’m just overjoyed about an upcoming sporting event this evening that doesn’t invlove football in any manner (GO HABS GO).

But alas, Daryl Washington has surfaced to provide us with another tale of his offseason spiral into complete idiocy.

Maybe that’s unfair, because we don’t know all the details of exactly what happened last night/this morning with Washington, who’s already set to miss the first four games of next season due to a substance violation. But here’s what we do know about the Cardinals linebacker: he’s been accused of domestic abuse.

In a word, that’s awful. In a few more words, that’s really, really not cool.

Of course, right now it’s still an alleged incident. But the fact that Washington had disappeared by the time police came to investigate isn’t exactly a good look.

From Arizona Sports, here’s what we know:

The Phoenix Police Department is investigating a domestic dispute in which a woman claims she was the victim of an incident involving Arizona Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington.

When police arrived to the home in Ahwatukee on Wednesday Washington had left. Sources say there are clear indications the victim had been physically attacked.

In further reports, the alleged victim indicated that she had been chocked, leading to the very likely possibility that Washington will find himself in trouble with the actual law, and not just the NFL law.

I won’t speculate further on the former, but in terms of his immediate NFL future, Roger Goodell could easily choose to add more punishment onto Washington’s current four-game benching. That will be painful for an Arizona defense that emerged last year as one of the better young units in the league, but the hurt could be moderate because there’s already a remedy in place. It takes the form of Kevin Minter, who was the Cards’ second-round pick last week.