Remember that time a few minutes ago when I was dismayed that something cool and fun wasn’t available for my posting delight at this mid morning hour? The Internet wins again.

Often throughout each NFL season we hear tales of Peyton Manning’s remarkable dedication to detail which borders on insanity. He’s probably far more dedicated to his job than anything you or I will ever do in our lives. That’s not anything to be ashamed of, as it’s just a fact of life.

Manning spoke at a coaching clinic in April, and Joe Harrington — who’s been the video coordinator at the University of Tennessee for over two decades, including Manning’s time there — was present too. Which is good, because it gave him a platform to tell this story which comes to us from Dr. Saturday (via

Beyond the aforementioned reasons why Manning’s mind is not a human mind in terms of his relationship with football and the battle between the X’s and the O’s, you also saw his absurd memory there. He provided the specific details of a play that happened 17 years ago, including the name of the play, the opponent, and the game situation.

During Manning’s pro career, he’s attempted 7,793 passes, 5,082 of which ended in completions. If we add his four years at Tennessee to that attempts total, he’s then thrown a football in a meaningful college or pro game 9,174 times.

Yet he can still randomly pick up a phone, call his college video coordinator, and pinpoint a specific play in a specific situation in a game that happened during a time when we were all still doing the Macarena and thinking it was just the coolest thing ever.