For normal 34-year-old folk, surgery of any kind is always sucky. But you and I can generally have that knife inserted into places where knives don’t go multiple times (which is anywhere, I guess), and then easily go back to doing whatever it is we do for money.

For 34-year-old football folk, surgery is always scary and awful too I’m sure, but every ding on the body decreases from their ability to do the thing they do — hit people really hard — effectively and often. When the Texans signed Ed Reed, they were fully aware that the parts which made his whole were well worn, and sometimes rusty.

That’s just a fact of Reed’s existence that they’ll have to live with, and now he’s already set his first Texans milestone without playing in a game yet. He’s had his first surgery as a Texan.

That’s the word from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, who told us that last week Reed underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair a small labral tear in his hip.

Simmer down. Head coach Gray Kubiak told reporters that Reed will likely be fine for training camp after missing OTA’s. But general manager Rick Smith was clearly aware of those dents piling on Reed’s body, which is why he drafted D.J. Swearinger for both depth now, and a Reed successor in the future.