There was a notable sporting event held over the weekend which involved many galloping horses. It was the Kentucky Derby, and it’s decadent and depraved.

By now you’ve likely seen the video of Tom Brady’s bro love when he potted a cool $25,000 at the derby after throwing a few sawbucks down on Orb. That’s roughly the equivalent of eight dimes to Brady.

That’s cool and all, and it’s refreshing to see that a man who has his own money printing factory can still be caught up in the jubilance of pony wagering. It makes me feel much less filthy after waking up at the track every morning.

But following the derby, the fine people at unearthed a quarterback doing something involving a horse that’s filled with even more awesome. This is Joe Namath, and he’s more man than you…


The caption for this Associated Press image which forever freezes Namath in his manly prime reads as such:

New York Jets football star Joe Namath smokes a cigar, while taking a riding lesson during a break in the shooting of a new film, “The Last Rebel,” a western being shot at Rome’s Cinecitta (Film City) on June 25, 1970.

Namath played “Captain Hollis” in a role that was truly compelling and rich. Since I thought we lived in a world where everything I want can be readily supplied by the Internet, it’s telling that a Youtube search for this classic and presumed masterpiece film produces nothing. Thankfully, some guy on IMDB solves our mystery…

It’s 1865 in Missouri and the Civil War has just ended. Reb soldiers Hollis and Matt flee from Union soldiers that want to imprison them. Hollis then frees a black man named Duncan from a lynching and they become a trio. Later when Holllis wins a lot of money at the pool table and Matt doesn’t get any, the two soldiers become enemies. This leads to a showdown between Hollis and Duncan against Matt and the men he has brought in to get that money.

There are very few things I wouldn’t do to drink alcohol of some kind with Namath.