Patience is not common among those who enjoy pigskin pugnacity. We need what we want, and we want it now.

If our wants, needs, desires, and burning itches aren’t satisfied, they fester into outright rashes. NFL fans have long been known to literally sit and itch themselves for an entire Sunday. It’s a bad scene.

Right now there’s great worry and therefore itching happening among Giants fans regarding Victor Cruz, the restricted free agent who’s aligned himself with the man who teaches pimpin’ to pimps. In mid April there was reason for that worry to spread and engulf the fantasy community. Outright anguish ensued when general manager Jerry Reese said he’s not fully confident Cruz will be signed a ready for opening day.

Now, John Mara has some soothing words.

Translated his words read something like this: “Really? We’re still on this?”

But here are his own words, spoken to someone wearing a suit or skirt (or both?) on NFL AM this morning:

“I’m pretty confident that we’ll end up reaching a deal with him. This is not that atypical a situation. Player contracts, particularly with star players like Victor, can tend to drag on from time to time. I think we’ll get it done.

“This is the right place for him to play. He’s a star in this area, he’s an important part of our team, and I think we’ll eventually get a deal done, but it’s just a process that you have to go through. And we’re going through it right now. There’s communication, and it’s slow but steady, and I think at some point we’ll reach a deal.”

Cruz has expressed a desire to stay in New York, mostly because it’s a pretty profitable place for a young man who’s good at being a sports guy. At this point, his desire is irrelevant anyway, because we’re obviously long past the date that teams could have signed him to a first-round tender.

His leverage then is minimal, and eventually a meeting in the middle between Cruz’s reported initial asking price of $11 million annually and the Giants’ first offer of $7 million is a thing that has to happen. The Giants’ increased offer of $8 million was a fine start, and sometime in, oh, the next four months that middle ground will be located.

Until we live in a world where half of training camp is completed and Cruz still hasn’t appeared on a football field, there’s no reason to seriously worry about this hurting your fantasy aspirations. Yes, an absence of even a few games would be painful beyond simply Cruz, as Eli Manning would lose his primary deep target, though Reuben Randle would be given an early chance to contribute in a greater capacity.

But I’ve been fooled into early, misguided panic during many a contract situation. And frankly, without that I’m already getting concerned about late 20′s hair loss.

Let’s pace ourselves here.