Let’s begin this with good news, because there’s so little of it surrounding Rex Ryan in his steaming toxic hell hole. The good news has two names: Mike Goodson and Chris ivory.

There are reasons to believe the Jets will have something which has eluded them entirely in recent years, and that’s a run game which deserves your respect. The combined speed of those two and their slashing ability could lead to frequent chunk yardage as they gain the edge consistently. This past season Goodson averaged 6.3 yards per carry, while Ivory moved along at a pace of 5.4 during his limited time in New Orleans. That sparse usage is some added little bit of gravy, as even though both backs have played a combined seven seasons, they’ve combined for just 416 carries.

But this isn’t a post about good news.

Good news is very much a stranger to the Jets’ locker room. It’s like the cat that wanders into the doghouse, or the idiot sports bro with the idiot sign. Its presence just feels odd.

What’s frustrating for fantasy footballing is that even after the departure of Dustin Keller, there are fantasy options on the Jets’ roster. Sometimes deep options that amount to bye-week fillers or just flex plays, but options nonetheless who could be deployed under the right circumstances.

I’m referring to Jeremy Kerley, Santonio Holmes, and Stephen Hill, with the latter two injured during much of the 2012 season. During his brief time as a healthy and fully functioning target, Hill recorded a game with five receptions for 89 yards and two touchdowns (Week 1), while Holmes had a similar boom (nine catches for 147 yards in Week 3) before his season ended after only four games due to a leg injury.

Their injuries gave Kerley an opportunity to emerge, and that ended in his 827 receiving yards, after only 314 yards in his rookie year. Nothing spectacular, but the figurative building blocks have certainly been laid into their imaginary foundation.

I’d say something similar about Hill too, as he’d typically be set to develop and progress during his sophomore season. And let’s toss in Holmes since he’s essentially entering a contract year, and at 29 he’s only a year removed from fine WR3 production (827 yards, eight touchdowns). In deep leagues, you could certainly do worse than Holmes in that spot.

I’d do all of those things, and spread all of that optimism and love over all the land, if this wasn’t happening…

Sprinkle many grains of salt on the words of a rival executive in May if you wish, but the fact this is even possible leads to many tears. Garrard is 35, and he was released by the Dolphins last fall after multiple surgeries over the past two offseasons. If he has even a remote chance to win the starting job, it’s because the other two guys — Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith — were really that atrocious, and in Smith’s case, inexperienced and underdeveloped.

As a whole, the Jets’ quarterback conundrum/catastrophe will lead to plummeting and wasted value everywhere, unless we see something resembling hope in August.