As we travel deeper into the abyss that is the offseason, I’ll continually keep mining the deepest depths of depth charts for potential fantasy value, an exercise which will also often serve as a primer for position battles. That’s right, it’s two things.

Right now, rosters are in a near constant state of change, making predicting anything an experience which can lead to looking rather stupid, something I’ve never been afraid of at all. Often then instead of predicting, we operate in hypotheticals in May and June. If Y happens it’ll lead to X, and X is really good. See, bingo bango.

You’ll recall that late last week following a draft in which the Ravens quite rightfully targeted their defensive needs early and waited to get only wide receiver scraps, I explored their wide receiver depth chart. Torrey Smith sits at the top easily, but after that there’s uncertainty with Jacoby Jones, leading to a possible opportunity for someone like Tandon Doss or Tommy Streeter to emerge.

Well, it seems things could get a little more complicated and/or congested. Maybe.

While speaking at the Baltimore Sun sports forum Monday night, assistant general manager Eric DeDosta said the Ravens may still seek help at the position:

“I think the hunt goes on. We’re still working. The roster is not set. We’re always evaluating. We’re always looking at guys. Guys get signed, guys get cut.

“Our pro personnel department looks at all available players and we’ll make a decision at some point of what we want to do at that position. There are definitely some players out there. We’ll consider all options.”

At first this seems like a steaming boiler plate line. Or maybe it could be, you know, the truth. The dirty truth.

Not to repeat too much of what I wrote on this matter last week, but while Jones is fast and really shifty and all that stuff, his ability to be anything but a home run threat and purely a vertical option is in question. That’s his game, and that’s what he does, but his route running is merely adequate when he’s asked to do anything but beat some poor DB really deep.

That’s why with the current state of the roster, there’s a chance for the likes of Doss and Streeter to step up. But if it’s an outside solution the Ravens seek to challenge Jones, Brandon Lloyd is arguably the leading name still out there among the remaining unemployed vets.

He’s fast and stuff too, and he’s sort of a Jones clone just with less quicks. But if it’s trust and certainty that general manger Ozzie Newsome desires, Lloyd would be a cheap dice roll as a secondary option with his +900 receiving yards in three straight years.