We get it, Jacksonville. You love you some Tim Tebow.

He grew up in the area, went to high school in the area, and was a college star and a Heisman winner in the area.

But now he’s left the area and he’s a discarded third string quarterback who’s wanted by no one. Sure, Blaine Gabbert probably isn’t the long-term answer for the Jaguars at the most important offensive position. But then a quarterback with a wonky throwing motion that leads to a wobbly ball and a career completion percentage of less than 50 percent is the answer?

Whatever, I won’t try to win that fight anymore. Tebow isn’t going to Jacksonville because two men whose opinions on the matter carry a whole lot of weight (David Caldwell and Shad Khan) have said they have no interest in paying him for his below average services. So instead of routinely spiraling into some discussion of logic (of which there is little in favor of Tebow) every time central Florida advocates for their messiah, let’s just embrace the everlasting comedy.

So bring us your letters to the president, and especially bring us this…

That’s John Morgan (from Morgan and Morgan), and he’s an important looking and sounding Florida lawyer guy who is well versed in both the power of winning, and the power of narratives. He cites many flawed facts regarding Tebow’s time in Denver while showing us a sea of teal seats at a Jaguars game…in the fourth quarter, with the home side down 31-14.

Morgan may truly believe what he says, but his real genius lies in capitalizing on the power of fleeting Internet fame. He pounced on the NFL topic of the day — one that’s generated passionate local opinion, which is highly important for his cause (hint: his cause is hustling and making money) — and he’s given guys at keyboards (*looks around, eats more breakfast Doritos*) a reason to post his pre-paid advocacy.

He doesn’t care if we mock and laugh. We’ve now been briefly entertained in early May, and John Morgan (from Morgan and Morgan) is making straight bank.

Everybody wins?