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Man, them kids these days…


That comes to us by way of Kendall Langford’s teammate and fellow Rams defensive lineman Chris Long, who adds only this observation: “wow“.

With his 9.5 career sacks, Langford is more of a run-stuffing presence, and thus he likely won’t ever be invited to Hawaii. But he’s done enough to remain in the NFL and call football his job for five years while being paid a fair sum (he’s due $5 million next year, and he signed a four-year deal worth $24 million last March).

So naturally, a physically gifted young man has chosen to live the high life and buy himself some nice things while his NFL dream is still existing. And really, what else could possibly say dream livin’ like sparkly shoes with spikes?

I remember a simpler time when our shoes had air pumps, and they were the best thing ever created…