You should sit down for this, because I’m about to break the fourth wall Frank Underwood style, and give you a peak deep into the blogger/NFL media guy lair. Alright, ready? OK.

There are times — oftentimes even — when headlines are written to grab your attention, and usually they’re based on quotes. I know, it’s crazy. Every football writer guy who covers any area of the sport — whether it’s the fantasy angle we often pursue around here, or the more general news angle — is guilty of this. I’m including myself in that, and I’m also including anyone who worked on the first newspaper produced in human history. The competition for eyeballs leads to measures which attract said eyeballs. Sorry?

That process is magnified here in May, and now it’s led to a thing Nick Fairley said being plastered everywhere.

Sort of like this, or this.

Here’s what Fairley, the Lions defensive tackle, said to the Detroit News:

“I expect big things,” the Lions defensive tackle said. “I am going to say we are going to the Super Bowl because I am competitive and that is what I want for the team and it is one of the goals. I am sure we are going to take it game by game and day by day.”

Should he have dropped that? No, it’s probably not a good idea for a guy who plays for a team that won four games last year to be publicly referencing the Super Bowl in May if he cares about his sanity. But while that part of the quote will be magnified, in the following sentence he gives the standard “day-by-day” cliché.

He’s competitive and passionate, and he wants to do more than just win NFL games. He wants to win a championship.

Fans want that from every player on every team, and the goal is always to win the Super Bowl. Yet admitting to that often draws fiery arrows and holes in voodoo dolls.