No, you’re a slow morning on a Thursday in May.

But this is important, honest. NFL players put permanent artistic ink on their skin often, especially during these dreary offseason months when they have little else to do other than that, and hunt whales with harpoons. Broncos defensive end Von Miller is an ink connoisseur of sorts, but his interest is very specific.

Or at least it is sometimes. Honestly, I’m reaching to explain a thing that can only partly be explained. Whatever, we know this: the guy really likes chickens, which is why his offseason hobby of choice is, well, chickens. To be exact, 38 chickens that he’ll raise on a recently purchased eight-acre property which he hopes will grow into a poultry operation.

Yes, he’s rather passionate about his chickens. That doesn’t explain his previous tattoo filled with randomness, but it definitely explains this…


Coming to us by way of KSK, that’s Miller’s latest tat that he tweeted out last night. He’s already named it “Chicken Fred”, which is presumably one of his chicken minions he’s become close to, and we’ll therefore never ever be able to find him on our plates.

Also, Von Miller is the best.