You’re reading a football blog right now, so I’m going to assume you like football. In fact, I’ll assume that you like football a lot, and therefore since it’s the year 2013 and most people do things on the Twitter, you likely also follow a lot of NFL beat writers. Maybe you also follow me (please follow me, I need friends).

That means maybe you saw when I used the alloted 140-character space a short time ago to share this scorn:

Tweeting the statistical results of a practice in May (May!!!) is without a doubt the most unintelligent regular practice NFL beat writers bestow upon us every spring. For some reason, though, average fan guy out there cares so deeply about this…

And this…

The observations contained there which are made by someone on the field watching Geno Smith throw are important and legitimate. But whether they’re good, bad, or indifferent, the statistics are completely useless.

Smith participated in a practice today. His very first practice during his very first Jets rookie camp. It was therefore his first NFL practice, and during his first day as an NFL employee he threw his first practice passes. Like any practice, this one had drills designed to simulate game action, but the outcomes that result are still far from being representative of what we’d see during an actual game.

We all know this, especially because in one of the drills under discussion, there are seven men per side rather than the usual 11. Yet those watching the drill think that tracking the results of every drill snap in a scenario set up to merely mimic a real game carries some sort of value.

Quantifying any offseason practice — a time when prospects and veterans alike are honing their skills, perfecting mechanics, and tinkering with new techniques — is simply silly. Smith was far from flawless today as the calamity that is the Jets quarterback competition began in earnest. If there’s ever a quarterback who’s been absolutely perfect during his first practice, he’ll be the first of his kind in the NFL. The notion itself should be absurd to everyone expect, well, Geno Smith evidently…

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