I’m still convinced that the quarterback competition in Philadelphia throughout this offseason and into training camp will be more like a “quarterback competition”.

Sure, Michael Vick became very good at fumbling and throwing the ball to the other team last season, two things that are typically frowned upon by most conventional football coaches. Even though he appeared in just 10 games, he chucked 10 picks, while fumbling 11 times. Not good.

But in fairness, although Vick often didn’t grasp the concept of time and how long he should hold on to a football, his offensive line usually looked like it was comprised of the soldiers in Toy Story. Again, remember those minimal 10 game appearances, and then also remember that he was sacked 28 times.

While you’re at in then, also remember that with Chip Kelly installing a fast-paced offense with quick strike passing (or at least that’s what we think, because NO ONE REALLY KNOWS), at worst with his mobility Vick is the leading short-term solution at quarterback for the Eagles. That tag can’t be applied to Dennis Dixon or Nick Foles, and Matt Barkley needs time to develop.

That’s why this shouldn’t be surprising at all: Vick has received the first-team reps so far during offseason workouts.

This development comes to us through wide receiver Jeremy Maclin, who spoke with Eagles beat guy Tim McManus.

What exactly does it mean? Well, it mostly means that Vick has received the first-team reps so far during offseason workouts. Kelly has repeatedly said that he’ll have a wide open quarterback competition, meaning that at some point, Foles and the rest will also work with the first team offense. But even if it’s tenuous, Vick’s early position atop the depth chart is notable, which is why I’m noting it.

For fantasy purposes, Vick winning is the best case scenario. Yes, he’ll still fumble and throw picks. That comes with the Vick package. But like the league’s other marquee running quarterbacks, fantasy-wise he usually compensates for those mistakes with his legs. For all his awfulness last year and the general woe around him on the Eagles’ offense, Vick still managed to average 14 fantasy points per game.

That’s far from great, but it’s right around average. And if you’re the type who cares a whole lot about positional value and you wait to draft a quarterback until later while chuckling at the early feeding frenzy for Aaron Rodgers, then Vick-like production is right in your wheelhouse.

That’s especially true if we optimistically assume that Vick already bounced off rock bottom last year, and he’ll improve in what should be a fine schematic fit in Kelly’s offense.