There are varying degrees of rookie hazing. For example, a common practice around NFL training camps is to have the rookies sing their former school’s fight song during dinner. Other teams partake in creative head shaving, which brought us the awesome that was Tim Tebow’s Friar Tuck look.

Others keep it simple, and have the rooks carry the veteran’s pads. Dez Bryant doesn’t approve.

The Eagles may be getting subtle, yet irritatingly effective. Their veterans are calling the rookies by an entirely incorrect name, and doing so in a convincing fashion. It’s a sort of guerrilla hazing, because if he’s respectful of the elders veterans as any rookie should be, he may be hesitant to correct the mistake. And just like that the opportunity to make the correction in a quiet manner that’s not socially awkward has passed, and the rookie may continue to be called by a name that isn’t his name at all for a comically long period. Very advanced stuff.

Mind games, man. NFL locker rooms are not a place for the weak.