Mark Sanchez sucks. I’d say we can all agree on that, but long ago — likely sometime during a Tim Tebow post — I became convinced there’s very little we can all agree on.

How ’bout this: Mark Sanchez is really, really bad at being a quarterback, and the only reason he hasn’t been cut yet is because of the mountainous sum of guaranteed money left on this contract for the 2013 season. Specifically, that number sits at $8.25 million. For some context to show how horribly awful that is, Aaron Rodgers will average $7.7 annually in guaranteed cash throughout the life of his new contract. You now have permission to cry if you’re a supporter of the New York Jets.

But what if, in some glorious twist of fate, the Jets were able to concoct a scenario where they just said screw it and traded Sanchez, while eating a significant portion of his remaining guaranteed money?

That idea is very much the opposite of crazy, and it’s one that Brian Cosello of the New York Post floated this morning. Costello said that following this weekend’s rookie camp, there’s a sense around the team that they want Geno Smith to win the starting quarterback job heading into next season.

I’ll allow you a moment to pick yourself up and resume a proper sitting position. They’re reportedly “smitten” with the rookie, sort of like Ralph’s infatuation with Lisa when he choo choo choo chose her. The Smith-Jets marriage may also end in slow motion heartbreak too.

Of course the Jets are going all he loves me, loves me not with their new quarterback. After the recent atrociousness that’s clouded the most important offensive position, anyone with talent and promise will induce butterflies, which is why even after rookie camp they may be entertaining ideas on how to GTFO of the Mark Sanchez business.

With David Garrard already in place as the veteran safety net to catch Smith should he flounder (a job Sanchez remains hopefully unqualified for), the only remaining hurdle is the GQ playboy’s guaranteed salary. For that, Costello has a simple solution: wait until someone somewhere inevitably breaks during training camp, and then do this…

The best scenario for the Jets is: Smith shows he’s capable, Garrard proves he’s healthy and another team suffers an injury at quarterback during the preseason. Then, the Jets could trade Sanchez to the quarterback-needy team — after agreeing to eat about $6 million of the $8.75 million coming to him.

The only way I think Sanchez is a Jet when the season begins against Darrelle Revis and the Buccaneers is if Garrard gets injured and Smith can’t figure out an NFL offense.

That sounds like the best case scenario for all involved. Despite his immense struggles, Sanchez’s NFL career isn’t over, and an environment with more support that isn’t toxic would be healthy.

Meanwhile, the Jets would do the logical thing and proceed ahead with their quarterback of the future (hopefully…please). You know, the guy they invested a top 40 pick in. Even if it means ultimately eating all of Sanchez’s guaranteed money, it’s looking like his time on the Jets’ roster will end soon regardless.

To briefly re-visit this from a fantasy perspective, it’ll be difficult to use any of the Jets’ receivers as anything beyond a matchup flex play. However, if a healthy Stephen Hill and Santonio Holmes can keep eight men out of the box consistently, there’s intrigue around Mike Goodson and Chris Ivory.