Dwayne Bowe missed the final three games of last season. But despite that absence, and despite the fact that he dealt with the demon quarterback duo of Brady Quinn and Matt Cassel, he still finished with 59 catches for 801 receiving yards.

Again, look at those numbers, and look at those names who threw Bowe the ball. Then feel the respect seep through your veins.

Done? Great, because even with a quarterback who isn’t Quinn or Cassel, this isn’t happening…

We’re all for the confidence, Dwayne. It’s great, and the Chiefs’ offense will surely improve under Andy Reid and with Alex Smith displaying far more competence than any quarterback employed by Kansas City in recent memory. Bowe’s numbers will rise sharply, and sure, I suppose due to the sheer volume of passing typically done by Reid offenses, there’s maybe a faint, reaching, praying chance that he could finish in the top five in one of those categories.

That’s why getting excited about his 2013 fantasy potential is an easy thing to do. But leading the league in touchdowns and receptions is a little rich.

Confidence is a powerful drug, man.

That bit about Charles is much more do-able after he finished fourth with 1,509 rushing yards at a pace of 94.3 per game last year. It would even be achievable too if Adrian Peterson didn’t exist.