Eli Manning needs Victor Cruz. David Wilson and/or Andre Brown need Victor Cruz. Hakeem Nicks needs Victor Cruz.

We need Victor Cruz. Yet we still only have confusion.

It’s almost as if it’s mid May, long before there’s legitimate motivation for either side in this little contract kerfuffle to change their current strategy of doing nothing.

Oh there’s hope, but is it real? Somewhere, a hack undergrad philosophy teacher is asking that very question to his class right now while pacing with his hands firmly planted on his hips (true story: I once had a prof who made a firm fist with one hand, and then put it on his forehead while in deep thought).

When I first read the report that Cruz has lowered his rumored asking price (about $10-11 million annually) to something more desirable to the Giants (about $8 million), the hope felt real. Alas, we wouldn’t have to spend a summer worrying about Cruz not reporting to camp, and by extension worrying about the absence of his fantasy production, along with the impact that would have on Manning’s numbers. There’s plenty of pain to go around in that doom scenario.

That report was from the New York Post, and it was countered by this from ESPN New York:

There were rumblings circulating Tuesday that things might be heating up with Victor Cruz’s contract negotiations.

But two sources said there is nothing imminent at the moment and that it appears it is status quo in talks between Cruz and the New York Giants on a potential extension.

So basically, while the New York Post would like to fill you with hope and joy, ESPN New York is rolling with this…

Get here soon, August.