This should be greeted with the proverbial grain or bag of salt, whichever you prefer. But since Michael Vick has made a habit of getting crunched and bent in directions which go against the intended design of the human body throughout his career, the urgent breaking news below is still…interesting.

As part of a story in which the progress of the Eagles’ quarterbacks so far early in the offseason is discussed (because that’s not happening 19 times daily), the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Zach Berman observed this about Vick:

He’s noticeably bigger and enthused about the offense. For Vick’s critics, it’s easy to say this is excitement he’s expressed in the past.

The bolding is mine, because we have that technology around here.

Vick being enthused about the offense is expected and, as Berman himself notes, not remotely surprising. He restructured his contract and returned to Philadelphia because he’s an ideal fit for a Chip Kelly offense, which is perhaps the only remaining system in the NFL which will allow him to possibly and maybe thrive while looking like the old Vick.

But the bit about Vick being some combination of the Hulk and Superman is intriguing. He’s currently listed at 215 pounds, which seems about right for a quarterback who finds his success while running and being elusive. Cam Newton plays a similar style and he’s 245 pounds, but he’s also five inches taller. Robert Griffin III is two inches taller than Vick, and he’s listed at nearly the same weight (217 pounds).

All we can do right now is shrug our shoulders while trying to determine what the hell this means for Vick, or if it means anything at all. I’ll lean towards the meaning being minimal, because even if some added bulk does help while Vick sustains blows from much larger men, it still won’t fix a core problem that’s lingered throughout his career: a lack of simple field awareness, and not knowing when to get out of bounds or slide to avoid the knocking in of many teeth.