Since the moment the Jets traded for Chris Ivory after signing Mike Goodson, I’ve taken every available opportunity to remind you that the combination of those two could be the only part of their offense this season that isn’t horribly depressing.

Their collective open-field speed could quickly lead to quality late round or early season waiver wire fantasy value, with a fine return forthcoming on your minimal investment. That’s especially true since Ivory and Goodson have more than just quicks, and they were first and second in yards after contact last year.

Now all both players have to do is refrain from being complete idiots throughout the rest of the offseason, and avoid discipline of some kind. Last night, Goodson struggled with that concept.

Goodson was arrested Thursday night on drug and weapons charges. I’ll give Jake Steinberg from SNY the floor…


Generally, when your level of drunkenness reaches a state that ends with you sitting in an ambulance that’s darting between traffic while rushing to the hospital, that’s bad. No, I do not have any experience with nights ending in this manner.

Goodson was actually the passenger in the car, according to Mike Garafolo of USA Today, and the driver was charged with DUI and possession of a handgun. While I guess it’s sort of nice that Goodson was smart enough to not drive while heavily intoxicated, he was still easily dumb enough to get into a car with someone who consumed plenty of beverages on this particular evening. He’s not free of all responsibility just because he was in the passenger seat. Also, his status as a passenger doesn’t eliminate the marijuana and gun possession charges, which still stand. Not a good look.

Steinberg continued, noting that after Claude Davis and Cliff Harris were arrested for drug possession, head coach Rex Ryan had a lengthy, man to many men discussion with his team. The moral was that if you act like a complete moron or put yourself in a bad situation, you’re gone. With this new regime under general manger john Idzik, there will be very little tolerance for idiocy as the Jets attempt to clean up the toxic mess in their locker room.

It’s early, but that’s why there’s already speculation about the Goodson era being a short one.

UPDATE (12:10 ET): Annnd here are more details from News 12 in New Jersey…

Sources say Goodson and a companion were found intoxicated in an SUV that was stopped along Route 80 in Denville.

Goodson was being taken to a hospital when authorities discovered marijuana in his possession. Officers searching the SUV also found a 45-caliber handgun loaded with hollow-point bullets.

Both Goodson and his companion, identified as Garret Evans, were taken to a hospital for an evaluation. They were then released to State Police custody and transported to the Netcong barracks.

Jane McManus looked up the New Jersey penalty for transporting hollow-point bullets (oh and hey, those are the really not screwing around kind of bullets…cops LOVE them about as much as they love, I dunno, getting punched in the face repeatedly), and says the state has “some of the strictest laws in the nation” regarding this particular type of killing method.

This keeps getting worse, while Ivory’s fantasy value keeps getting better.