I know this is shocking, but it’s been nearly three weeks since the last time we passed along a Robert Griffin III injury update of some kind. Specifically, 20 days and 20 nights have passed, and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

Since most of these posts will sound similar until, oh, August, I’ll keep this one bite-sized.

Alright, ready? Here’s what Redskins general manager Bruce Allen said yesterday (from the Washington Post):

“It’s too early to tell right now. He is doing everything that the doctors want him to do. He’s a great worker. I think that’s why there’s so much optimism that he’ll be ready at the beginning. But it’s really too premature to speculate on where his medical condition is until we give him a physical when training camp starts July 25.”

While that sounds like a whole lot of company line spewing because it mostly is, there are still two at least moderately important takeaways.

First, we now have a firm date as to when we can expect a more concrete update, and therefore when we can also get at least a tenuous grasp on Griffin’s early-season playing status. If that late July medical re-check goes sort of smoothly, then those who enjoy reaching for a quarterback in fantasy drafts can feel fine doing so, or at least fine given the circumstances. Let’s put it this way: if your 2013 fantasy team sucks, it won’t be because RG3 combusts. It’ll be because you insist on drafting a quarterback too early…any quarterback.

The other little notable nugget we can glean from Allen’s latest Griffin address is that the caution he’s applying to his words is increasing as the offseason moves along. While he may still be optimistic, that emotion has been replaced by a need to acknowledge realism.

In fantasyland, Griffin missing even just two starts sucks. But in Redskins land, the offense can easily chug along temporarily with Kirk Cousins under center, while the franchise quarterback whom they hope to have healthy for a decade or so gets whatever recovery time he requires.